Hey there!

Wow, I can’t believe someone stumbled upon this page! I’m Dennis. :)

Hopefully you’re not there thinking, “Oh great, another boring introduction.” because if you are, I’m afraid that you are right. (But read on anyways!)

I’ll try and keep this as interesting as possible. (Or have I put you to sleep already?!)

About me and Feel Driven

It only takes one person to change another person’s life. Let that sink into your mind.

Feel Driven (formally Self Exceed) is a website based on fitness, motivation, and success. Fitness has been my biggest obsession since I was a little kid (despite growing up fat). In fact, I bought my first dumbbell when I was only 11!

I found that quickly, what I applied towards my fitness goals could be transferred throughout other parts of my life. That was something quite big for me to grasp.

Right now, I have a dream. That dream is to somehow become well-known. And I don’t want to be well known for just anything. I want to be that person who became an inspiration to others. I want people to know that anything is possible if they set their minds to it.

I want to somehow reach across that monitor/cellphone screen that you’re reading from, and motivate the living heck out of you!

Dennis DoI made this website not only because it gives me such power, but it let’s me share my thoughts and knowledge to an unimaginable amount of people.

And best of all, running this website keeps me on track! So not only do you benefit from the positive vibes that I give off, it keeps me positive as well. It’s a win-win for both of us ;)


On a Fitness Note

I workout at least 5 days a week. Out of those 5 days, I workout for at least 90 minutes. (On average, I’m there for two hours). When I’m cutting for whatever reasons, I may be at the gym 7 days a week for cardio.

You might think that I have no life for spending so much time in the gym. (In fact, I want to stay there for 6 hours one day just so I can say that I’ve been there for that long! How’s that for having no life? ;) )

But I say that if you want to be successful in something, you have to be willing to spend lots of time in whatever it is that you do.

Bicep pumps!

For me, I’ll workout for as long as it takes until I get done with all my sets. (And trust me, I have lots of sets)

Now you might wonder if I ever get tired of the gym. Being a fitness addict that I am, there were days where I recall feeling very lazy or demotivated. (Note: very lazy)

However, let me say something. I can get in 3 hours of sleep and still want to hit the gym. Rarely are there days where I don’t feel like going and not actually go. I still manage to get my behind up and to the gym.

And I end up half-assing my workouts, but at least I went :)

But to clearly answer the question: Yes, at one point, I have gotten sick and tired of the gym. But this is a rare case scenario, like finding a needle in a haystack.

How do I keep myself so disciplined?

Honestly, I think it’s how I surround myself and the thoughts that goes into my mind.

The way I see it is, if CEO’s don’t cancel on important meetings, then I’m not going to cancel on my own gym schedule. I’ll do whatever it takes to get my ass up and going, whether I’m tired, sleepy, or even injured. (With an exception of being extremely sick)

(And yes, I have worked out when I’ve injured myself ;) )

If you’ve struggled to have my kind of motivation, I’m really glad you’re here. My website should be able to PUMP YOU UP! And if not, well… Go somewhere else!

No, I’m just kidding :P But if you ever need to talk to me, feel free to contact me.

To end my “about me” story, here’s something to take in:

Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is cowardly, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it.

If that gave you the chills, there is more around Feel Driven! If that didn’t… Well, all I’ve got to say is then, you’re a tough crowd, and that means I have a lot of work to get you satisfied!

Seeing ya around ;)

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P.P.S. Thanks for not falling asleep :P