Do You Need or Only Want?

Wanting Success or not

A few days ago, I was at the gym with the usual people who were there working out. Everyone seemed so determined in bettering out their lives.

The routine was simple just like every other day; I’d go in there and do what I needed to do while giving my best effort.

On that particular day however, it was a little bit different. More inspiring I would say.

While I took breaks, I made quick conversation with a guy named Gene Jenne (who I learned later on was an actor) about how I needed to break the condition of not getting in the full 8 hours of sleep my body needs. The conversation transitioned to him saying that if your body needs something bad enough, it will make it happen.

I find this to be true more than anything.

I have been told of stories about how my uncle slept in front of an orchestra play once because he was that tired.

“Whatever the condition is” Gene said, “the body will make it happen if it needs it bad enough. So stop worrying about it and just do what you’re able to do.” This thought got into my head a bit and inspired me.  I also had an idea that he thought I was a little school girl for worrying about non-sense. Eh.

But what if we want to succeed just as bad enough as we say we do, would we go out of our ways to achieve extraordinary things as the body would?

Difference Between Needing and Wanting

Interestingly enough, the body can survive as little as 5 to 6 hours of sleep per night. If you think otherwise, then your body will let you know. It surely let my uncle knew.

There are those who want success, and those who need success. Usually those who need success will condition themselves to get there, while the ones that only want success will merely talk about it.

I find the human body and the desire for success to have a connection between each other. The body will make extraordinary changes when it needs sleep.  Just like how some people need to succeed, they will do extraordinary things until they achieve it.

If you need success just as bad as you say you do, you will find a way to it, with or without obstacles in the way. If you only want success, you will be like me, lying in bed awake when I thought I needed sleep, let alone the full 8 hours.

If my uncle was unwillingly but able to go sleeping in front of an orchestra because of his previous nights awake, then how unwillingly but determined are people able to put up with failure in order to get to success?

I get to the point where I wake up in the middle of the night just because I have a million things running through my head. Is this a sign that I want success so much that my own body won’t let itself sleep?

When people say they need success, they do things that get them that much closer to it. They must need it bad enough to where their own mind overrides the natural functioning of the body.

This is how you know when you need success instead of wanting it. Your body will not let you sleep normally until you start doing something that will get you that much closer towards it. Use that energy wisely because it won’t stay there forever.

Maybe that’s one reason why I like going to the gym so much… Need to spread a bit of that good energy elsewhere too, right?

Gene said I think about too much of getting the full 8 hours of sleep. He said to let it happen whenever it happens. I couldn’t agree more. I would not be lying in bed for hours if I needed that sleep.

People are always on the verge, thinking when their success will come. My thought is, why not use that energy towards the ‘doing’ instead of the ‘thinking’? You have to think as well, but some people are just plain thinkers than do’ers these days. This isn’t the philosophy age folks; you were born a bit late for that time.

When something happens to not go the way we intended, we always find a way to work with it. Your conditioning of getting to success is very similar to my uncle sleeping in front of a full blown orchestra.

There will be circumstances where you will have to force yourself to be conditioned with where you are, and what you’re working with during the moment. It’s a requirement. If you need success, you will make it happen. Just like how the body doesn’t care where it is during the moment when it needs sleep, it will make it happen—even if this means sleeping in front of an orchestra band. Otherwise, you are only wanting.


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