Grant Your Own Wish

How To Grant Your Own Wish

Many people often say they wish. “I wish I had it”, “I wish I could do it”. As they repeat those wishes to themselves, they will eventually wonder why their wish can ever come true. The sad truth to this is, there is no magical genie in this world that will grant your wishes.

A number of times, many of us including myself have wished we have done something to get where we wanted to be. If you ever rode a bike before, you failed and you failed, and you kept failing. Eventually you were able to avoiding falling over because you had already tried over and over. It wasn’t because of some magical wish that can true. It was from those many repeated failures—it was because you truly believed in yourself that you were able to do it.

Only You Determine If Your Wish Will Come True

Success in any field is the result of getting past those tiny failures. Everyone fails, but it is the act of failing that makes you want to keep on trying over and over; that makes you want to do better—becoming better. It makes you want more out of yourself.

Here’s your only two options, you can either:

1. Take that failure that you have faced upon, and make it as your ending story.

2. Take that failure that you have faced upon, and take it to a whole new story to a better ending.

Do you know which one of these options will take you to your wish come true?

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mohandas Gandhi

The Two Side – Good And Bad

If you ever seen shows where a character is confronted between an angel on one side of the shoulder, and a mini devil on the other, you can expect the same to happen to you.

There are certain doubters in this world that will be your obstacle of your wish. In the end, it is still up to you on what you decide to wish for. Don’t let these people who are siding with the devil steer away from what your intended wish was. These people are the type that wants to chase you away from your dream plan. Do not let this happen to you.

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There has been people who overcame this sense of mentality. These people are:

Lucille Ball – Known for her role in “I Love Lucy”. She never had encouragements from others to fulfill her wish. She left drama school because her teachers told her that she didn’t have a chance as a future performer and that she was way “too quiet and too shy” to make it happen.

Albert Einstein – Responsible for leading up the project of the first atomic bomb in World War II. He did poorly in elementary school and  failed his first college entrance exam. He was never an outstanding student in school.

Beethoven – Remains one of the most famous composers of all. With his hearing beginning to deteriorate in his late 20′s, he kept continuing to compose musical notes even after becoming deaf. At one point when he went to musical school, his teacher told him he was a hopeless composer.

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.

Dale Carnegie

Repeated Failures

People often wish because in their mind, they have given up. But what exactly do they mean when they say they ‘wish’?

To wish means a strong desire or hope of something that is not easily attainable; something that cannot or probably will not happen. That is the definition of wish, but what the dictionary won’t tell you are ways of making it happen; a guide to success.

This isn’t some magically advice that I’m about to give to you, but it is all about failure before success. The only thing that a wish is going to give you is hope. Use that hope wisely because it is what brings you up; it is what keeps you going even after failure. Use that hope like a ladder to bring you one step closer to your wish.

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

John Wooden

It’s important to always have hope because without hope, you will not be able to believe, and being able to believe means you can achieve anything, I guarantee that.

Do Not Give Up – Or You Give Up Your Wish

Obstacles exist to block your way on purpose. It is there to signify how bad you want something. It is meant to mock you in your face, like holding a piece of treat from a child that can’t reach it.

The passageway to success is made up of multiple chains of failure attempts.  How you respond to failures, to obstacles, to negative comments, is the process in which you are granting your own wish. You will always pass failure when you are on your way to success. It’s just about never being content in the presence and going forward. It’s about having internal hope that keeps you going.

Why Hope Keeps You On Successimage by Exsodus

Do you have hope inside you? Because there is no such thing as a magical genie in this world that will grant your wishes, but there is such thing as hope that will help you get closer to your wish.

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