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discovering epiphany

Are you locked up in your own world? In other words, are you following the same routine that I call ‘the box’?

Most people coming home from work would only have two things on their mind: jumping on the couch and turning on the TV.  How would I know? Because this used to be my routine after work. This was before I found the key to unlocking my box that I was living in.

The key to unlocking your box is your epiphanies.

The same routine that never changes is your box. Depending on the size of the key—your epiphany, it may not be large enough to unlock the box. The longer that you have been into your routine, the bigger your epiphany may need to be.

When most of us follow a routine, it slowly becomes a habit. There are only two ways to break off from this: slowly make new habits, or shock yourself with a sudden realization—epiphany.

I have always heard about people recommending me to go travel more, but I never really understood why. Looking back now, it all becomes clear.

When you travel to places that you never been to, there are usually events that takes place that normally wouldn’t exist in your routine. Or at least if it does, then that means you need to go out just a bit further!

Traveling really opened my eyes. Although it is difficult to express this feeling, it gave me the idea that there are truly endless opportunities that can be experienced. I knew this was already an option when I was living in my box, but with no windows opened for me to look outside, it is rather difficult to see for myself.

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.  What you’ll discover will be wonderful.  What you’ll discover is yourself. 

Alan Alda

I obtain this key through traveling and by going through unfortunate events. I won’t ridicule you with these stories, but I will say that I am more fortunate to not have experienced cancer. I have learned to not wait for that time to come when I suddenly do want to see more meanings to everything in this world.

I have pick lock my own box without requiring any additional unfortunate events.

The hard part is that many people cannot unlock this box until they have received the key. Most people do not take advantage and live their life to its fullest until they experience a life changing experience.

I can’t blame them because without any windows to look outside, how can they compare their own life? The box is what keeps individuals from doing anything out of the norm.

Does this sound like what you’re going through? If so, I can provide that key to you. On your end you may need to do a little pick locking, but I leave that decision to you.


relaxation zen fountainI am not very good at meditating, but I have learned to listen through other very similar sources. If you are able to meditate and experience this higher power force upon your body, I can only say that I envy you.

By opening your sense of listening, you become more open to epiphanies.

People are too caught up on what they are doing. Ideas, news, beliefs, emotions, views, opinions, and so on. I like to call this ‘the list’ because most lists are endless, just like how these characteristics are. You may not realize it, but these things are what keep you from listening to what you need to hear. These things will never change, but what you choose to listen to will.

Silence is a source of great strength.

Lao Tzu

Silence is knowing. The greatest change happens when your mind is absence from ‘the list’ of the ever endless events.

Our sense is very important to us. As to how you would like to see something ahead when you’re driving, taste your dessert as you bite into it, or even feel how soft a laundered blanket is, listening is just as essential.

I have thoughts going through my mind that are unthinkable when I am secluded in an ambience environment. I focus and understand everything much better.

I have admitted to not being able to meditate while experiencing that out-of-body experience. I do feel as if listening to my zen fountain (get yours here) is just as equal as to gaining that relaxation and calming. My fountain stimulates the sound of a water stream which makes my silence more ambient sounding.


An epiphany causes self realization. Being aware doesn’t do anything, but it does everything.

Become aware of who you are at this very moment. Without awareness, your mind, body, and world will seem as just an illusion. You cannot be aware if you are constantly caught onto ‘the list’. Doing so, you will never get outside ‘the box’.

The more decisions that you are forced to make alone, the more you are aware of your freedom to choose.

Thornton Wilder

Anyone who replaces a light bulb—who thought they have turned off the switch —would be quickly surprised when it lights up because it was unexpected. They would only expect nothing more than for the bulb to fit in.

Those seconds of that person putting in that light bulb were moments of them being unaware that they have forgotten to turn off the switch. Those momentarily seconds is your life going through the day as if you take everything for granted.

When things happen in your life that are unexpected, you will feel epiphany that are either small or huge. They may or may not impact your life, but regardless you start to become aware of it.

So rather than thinking what you may know will happen next, take the time to be more aware of what is now and let the unexpected come with a surprise. Don’t take it for granted either.

Awareness is what sets you outside ‘the box’. You begin to realize that these illusions have a much deeper meaning behind them, and you begin to understand on a much different level of thinking.

Nobody knows the meaning to everything though. Your experience in one thing may differ from someone else. Only awareness is the truth to knowing everything. The important factor is how you associate with the experience afterwards.

An epiphany works no different than becoming aware. You start to realize how much more meaning something has behind it. It only works however, if you are able to compare other experiences with your own. This requires both the power of listening and awareness.

This article you have read may very well be served as a window to your box. I now leave the keys in your hand.


Experienced an epiphany? Please share it below! I would like to see what you have gone through and how it has changed your life! It would also allow me to open up more of my own windows.

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4 Responses to Life Changing Experience Epiphanies

  1. farouk says:

    hi Dennis
    i came to your blog through my comment on the guest post on getconfidence,
    i really like your style of writing , keep it up

  2. Chris says:

    WOW, so true. We are all in a box and trying to get out. I feel “free” and outside of the box when I am riding my Harleys. I feel like I am out of the box more than others but still need to find some more Keys or windows. I think more money would help, lol

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