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Has there been a time  that you wanted to be someone? Whether it was to be that person known to be generous, outgoing, or let’s think of something out of the ordinary—the next person to land on the moon by becoming an astronaut. Pretend it long enough, and it’ll become your reality.

Truth is, you may not follow up your ‘pretending’ of becoming an astronaut, so why did I even state that? Let’s think for a moment, why do we pretend at all? Could it be something that we don’t possess, but would like to because of its condition?

Even if we pretend something for fun and ridiculous at the same time, why did we ‘pretend’ this imagination in the first place? I will bet my fortune and say that we pretend because it is in regard to that specific traits and qualities we’re interested in. In other words, if you did pretend to be an astronaut, it tells me one thing:  you have an outlook of seeking adventure. Taking this into consideration, what is the limit of this key to life?

Earlier I said to pretend something so that it becomes true; quickly stating that you may not become an astronaut. Is this a contradiction I put myself into? Actually no, I also implied that just because you pretend to be one, it doesn’t mean that of similar traits won’t follow.

Let’s also make a distinction between an individual that is generous and another who pretends to be generous. My question to you is, what is the difference between the two? Well, one can say that to pretend to be generous, they may need to think what is best for the other person. So to become generous, one must perform the act of generosity. Essentially, to be generous in the long run long, they need to be generous for a long time. By this way of explanation, there is no such thing as being an actual generous person because it is solely based on actions and memory of actions.

Mind is based on memory and actionimage by digitalart

Don’t think what I said above is the main message, it’s not—I’m only stating it implicitly.  What I am trying to advocate is that by performing such act, you will eventually become a more generous person. To make it easier to understand without this philosophy nonsense (and I don’t claim myself one), I’ll go ahead and say this: The act of pretending to be something will make it that much easier to become what you want to be.

However, it won’t make you become what you want to be right away. For instance, a miserable person isn’t going to simply think he’s happy right off the bat. I will say this though, if the mind was capable of forming this habit of misery, it is also capable of change. In order to switch from the transition of being miserable to being full of joy, this person will have to break the habit of misery by pretending (or to act) to be happy. It will take time because the mind is already used to this kind of environment but nevertheless, it is possible.

The next time you pretend, just do it regardless of how wild your imagination is, because any objections you have will fade away. So to answer the question that I asked: what is the limit of this key to life? The answer is simply how much and how far you’re willing to pretend. You yourself represent the overall sum of all your actions, not thoughts. Pretending will only make it easier to be what you want to be. Pretending to be an astronaut? Fine by me.

Pretending until it becomes real. Inner Self development.image by Danilo Rizzuti

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6 Responses to Pretend Your Reality

  1. Carleen says:

    I agree, the mind is very powerful! Great article. Thank you for the inspiring info!

  2. Pauly says:

    This is definitely an wonderful website you have going here. The difficulty is very educational and also straight concise. Excited to read more new posts in the future.

  3. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the share!

  4. Nusothy says:

    Pretending your reality makes it easy to accept things around you. It creates a presence in your mind that you are satisfied with.

  5. Cordaree says:

    I pretend my imagination is my reality.

  6. Sivertson says:

    The mind of ours is like another world inside.

    I have understand your previous stuff and you are just too fantastic.

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