Recovery From The Feeling of Failure

Getting over failure

The feeling of failure sucks big time, doesn’t it? It makes people feel all sorts of different emotions: angry, mad, depressed, moody and weary. (this guy on the left seems to have experienced all of this) I can relate to this not too long ago. I even felt all of these symptoms inside and I did not like it one bit. It felt as if what I didn’t do matter anymore.

If you’re going through this and you have a hard time recovering, congratulation. You are now experiencing what is the downfall of success. I have gone through it, and you will eventually get through it.

To make matter more appealing, whatever it is that you are seeking for, there are hundreds and thousands of people who are seeking the same thing like you, right now. You are not the only one who wants it. You and I are no different. This reason was enough for me to get back into my game.

If you want to set yourself from the rest of the hundreds and thousands of people, you will do whatever it takes to earn that reward. After all, what makes us different from the rest of everyone? Nothing. Nothing separates the difference except the hard work that is put in.

As difficult as it was to get myself back up, I knew to look for inspiration elsewhere. I find that relating to someone who is or has gone through something similar will help tremendously. You will not get anywhere by moping around by yourself.

Oh, and I should of added ‘moping around’ to the list of symptoms.

I took a quick re-evaluation of my life and started seeking to others who were able to overcome their failure and succeed. I soon became motivated myself and jumped back into the game even stronger.

Here’s a quick little story of my recent failure for those of you wondering.

Dealing With Failure

I was working on a video production a few months ago that I assumed would go viral. It’s pretty high standard of me to think that my first time doing something would turn out successful. Actually, many of us tend to be egotistic. No surprise about me here.

With over months’ end put in, I was feeling great, if not, high as a horse when it was near its completion. I believed I cried out of joy.

I was so sure that this was it; this was going to be the next video to go viral.

The results? I was extreme disappointed to find that by the end of the week, my video was said to be a piece of crap. Can you imagine? You put your heart and soul into something only to have it criticized.

So four months went by, and I decided to get back to business again.

Again, I was just as enthusiastic as I was the first time. Maybe even more since I knew what I had to improve upon. I was certain to not make anyone say that my second production is a piece of crap.

Those last few days started coming to an end, and I was fill with so much joy, even more than the last time. Yes, I cried out of happiness on the second video production too.

I quickly found that only 3 days later, my video was not going to meet audience standards. Just three days afterwards, I found out that there were lots of flaws and indeed it was bad a piece of crap. My world dropped. Once again, I felt like what I did was not working.

Soon I started video project 3.

Long story short (you’re probably tired of hearing the same thing over and over), I have failed again, and it only tore me on the inside even more because I thought the third one was going to be ‘the one’.

Yes, I did cry from joy after seeing my third production come together (if you’re curious).

Getting Back At Failure

Was I ready to give it all up? Of course. But I knew that this was the other side of me talking. If you are ready to give up, don’t completely do so yet. Give yourself time to recover.

I started quoting to myself that success is a price that everyone pays. Say this to yourself, it will help.

It’s human to say that stress comes as a part of failing. Failure in general means that the condition of not meeting the desirable result. This does not mean that it can’t be done.

I had to accept the fact that I have failed the 3rd time. This only makes me want to put in greater effort towards the 4th video even more, just because my mind is saying the 4th video needs to be ‘the one’.

During the moment, I wanted to quit after the 3rd production. I was fed up like how most people would feel.

We can’t think straight most of the time when our mind is preoccupied with negative energy. That’s why most psychologists highly recommend that you make important decisions when you are able to clear your head. I don’t usually take advice from a psychologist, but this one makes an exception.

Although I wanted to quit right then and there, I gave myself a few days to cool off. And you know what? I recovered quickly and became anxious to do it all over again.

We all get overwhelmed with the things that come as a result. You need to take a step back and take a deep breath.

Life isn’t always about what happens during the moment. It’s about what happens in the end. Getting to where you need to be is what matters more in the long run, not the failure that resulted.

If you are giving up already, then you haven’t failed enough.

You can either let failure stop you dead in your track, or you can take your own courage and run it over. If you decide to give up now, don’t expect to recover from this feeling. You only recover by making an effort to get back up, and you will get back up even stronger and wiser until failure gives you success.

My 4th video is under production and will be out in a month. My awful 3rd video can be seen below.

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2 Responses to Recovery From The Feeling of Failure

  1. Char Aguiari says:

    love it when you write like this.. it’s a lot funnier to read while being serious. why can’t you write like this for the others?

    • Dennis Do says:

      Hi Char.

      I guess it all depends on the mood when I write. Perhaps I will cater towards this style for you in the future :)

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