Why Faith is Important

Having faith in yourself

Describing what faith feels like can be compared to explaining a blind man what orange is—visually.  Faith is this powerful positive emotion that is passed down by the mental state of mind. It is so powerful that it has the ability to even make millions of people believe in Jesus of Nazareth (also known as the religion of Christianity). There isn’t any science or facts to back this subconscious feeling up or to even explain how it works, and without any evidence, how is it even possible to make millions of people just devote their own feelings to this single religion that is purely based on such principle?

Seeing how faith can bring people into a single belief, in the same way, it can develop a mind into believing anything that one would want to believe, whether it is possible or not. Because of this, it is important to embrace some kind of faith in your life, no matter what the circumstances are.

When you combine your own emotions and confidence into a certain someone or something, it results in faith. Faith is one of the most vital feeling that anyone can poses because it is the only subconscious feeling that will make you feel a positive emotion without proof or meaning to a purpose or someone. It isn’t necessarily bad from the sound of it. In fact, how would you like to do something in life and have envisioned of success because you believe? Faith is no stronger than this statement; it all has to do with your emotion and the trust you put into this magical essence.

So why have faith, even if the outcome may not be true? This is probably one of the most wondered questions, especially in today’s time where science is what provides proof to almost everything.

To answer the question, not everything you do in life has to have a meaning. You may be doing one thing, and the next be doing something else totally different. There is no proof needed in faith. All faith really is, is that it backs any kind of desire or hope that you have. Isn’t that powerful enough to hold in life? That you are determined to do something because you know it will result in nothing less?

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

Helen Keller

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There is no proof with faith

Faith is well known to make anyone believe anything, whether it is true or false, right or wrong. For instance, most people would say that crime is a bad thing. To clear what the definition of crime is, it’s the act of wrongdoing. If you were to put a person in an environment that were to think that such act is what defines a crime, that person would think so because of his own ways of belief. However, keep him around long enough, and he will start to think that it is the norm; keep him around even longer, and it will turn him to act that way.

If this is true on how one may become a criminal by association with crime, then it is equally true that one can develop faith, by suggesting to their subconscious mind the encouragement that they want to have faith in. By mixing your own emotion and confidence overtime, your mind will be dominated by this state of mind that makes up this unexplained feeling of faith.



As your faith is strengthened you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will, and that you will flow with them, to your great delight and benefit.

Emmanuel Teney

Faith is important to have in your life because it affects the way you think, say, and do. When you hear people say “have faiths in yourself”, it means nothing more than giving yourself the power to believe and do what it is that you want to do. The best thing about faith is that there is no need for proof. Just as long as you’re willing to trust your own emotion about it, it can make you do some of the best and unexplainable things that no one would expect to see.

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6 Responses to Why Faith is Important

  1. Slavko Desik says:

    If we don’t believe in ourselves, then expecting others to is ridiculous. All of us have that voice in us that love to question things from time to time. Having faith in ourselves, and the things we are doing puts that voice on mute.
    Great post Dennis.

  2. You’re right with what you said about faith. The crime analogy is a great one to use.
    Faith is one of the things that keep us going through the hard times. If we don’t believe in something strongly enough we can be swayed here and there and everywhere. A life that lacks focus is one that brings pain, insecurity and unhappiness.

  3. Danile says:

    I’m visiting your website every day, just because I know reading this stuff over and over will start to take over the conscious mind.

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